Live streaming for Townhall with Mark Zuckerberg & Red Bull BC One Cypher. Event coverage for Mahindra Blues Festival & Nucleya Concert. Branded content and TVCs for Max, Nivea, Cadbury, Red Bull, Reliance Mutual Funds, State Bank of India, Nexa, JBL and One Plus.

Pushing the boundaries of broadcasting, live streaming & branded content in India is Frizzon Production’s founder Achal Manglik and his dedicated and passionate crew of producers, video editors and stage crew. is proud to have this edgy, creative team in our network – we caught up to learn a little more about the outstanding work they do in the emerging demand for video & branded content in the event space.

Achal Manglik – Founder, Frizzon Productions

Tell us a little about yourself:

I started Frizzon Productions with a trusted team back in 2016 after realizing a common dream of wanting to produce content for a global audience using technology through broadcast and live streaming.
You can actually trace my interest in media back to my childhood, my father and family have been strong in advertising back up in North India but I shifted to Mumbai to explore a different side to this field, where I could contribute to the recognition that Indian branded content is getting on a global scale for its humor and everyday relatability.

What’s the journey been like?

The journey is all about learnings and experiences, for me the most important take away from this was the team that stood by me through thick and thin. We are a bunch of producers, video editors and stage crew that consistently motivate each other to go that extra mile. And three years into the madness, we have been able to work with clients such as Red Bull, Vice, Amazon, Dentsu, Fountainhead, Viacom 18 and more. We have churned out productions that include live broadcasts and branded content that have reached masses across the globe.

The Frizzon Team

What is the one project that you are most proud of?

I would have to say – The YouTube FanFest (YTFF) Series, which we have been associated with since 2014 as the live broadcast team. It actually happens to be one of our first events on such a large scale. We are talking about over 2.5 million viewers! It’s an immersive platform which gives us, in the production field, a chance to collaborate and work with peers. You have about 5 different specialized companies that are amongst the best in stage equipment, cameras, sound technology and broadcasting tools. It’s a combined effort to put together a massive, mammoth of an event that reaches out to Millions – ALL LIVE ! We don’t give you that chance to miss out on YouTube FanFest!


What is the typical process of working – once you receive a client brief, then what? What are usual timelines involved?

Once we receive a client brief, we follow a three step process: understanding the client brief, estimating the scope of work (to see if we can work with our internal talent or assessing the need to hire externally) and then my favorite step, figuring out the required technology that will raise the project to the current market and global standards. We usually respond within a days time after going through the brief and estimating the scope. If we get the green signal from the client, we can start executing the project within the next two days or so and final delivery, depends on the approval from the client’s side. We are quite flexible when it comes to presenting the final project, till all parties involved are absolutely happy with the end product. We are more than happy to help you get that final cut that you need.

In The Studio For The Mahindra Blues Festival

What does the future of Video Production in the event industry hold?

You would have definitely figured out by now that I am quite motivated by integrating technology with video production! The team and I are always inspired by new technology and like to keep up with the changing technology. However, an interesting field in this area that I am yet to explore is programming humanless/robotic cameras into use for our live sessions and that is something I am pushing Frizzon Productions and my team to explore too!

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