Article Contributed By Dreamcast Global

Wondering about what will be the future of events? It won’t be wrong to say AI matchmaking has made its place in the event industry. It is assured to grow at a huge percentage in the near future. The existence of artificial intelligence in virtual events has been dominant and is already fledgling in our daily lives.

Utilizing AI matchmaking in your online events not only makes virtual event networking easy for attendees but also saves time while engaging attendees seamlessly with the right prospects. It has been anticipated by event techies that AI matchmaking will make virtual event networking much easier, user-friendly, and hassle-free in the coming years.

So, What is AI-Powered Matchmaking?

Virtual events are organised to deliver a particular message, tap potential attendees, grow connections, boost engagements, generate amplified leads, and revenues. Browsing thousands of people at an event to find the right person to interact with is a challenging and time-consuming task.

AI matchmaking helps in finding the most relevant attendees that best match your interest at the event to have conversations. It helps in engaging attendees, boosting connections, and achieving desired goals. In addition, it results in saving time and finding the best potential matches thus making virtual events networking easy. Attendees can have real-time conversations via video or audio calls and chats with the most relevant attendees.

How Does Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Events Match Attendees with the Right Prospects?

Artificial intelligence algorithm understands the similar goals & interests of the attendees and matches them with the right prospects at the events. While engaging attendees with relevant attendees becomes much easier with the brilliant feature of AI-Powered matchmaking.

Processing the data entered by attendees manually takes hours or days. AI matchmaking feature processes all the information entered by the attendees instantly to identify the best potential matches based on the data and the information gathered during the event registration itself. AI matchmaking takes the instant choices of attendees into consideration while making a potential match. It not only helps in saving the time of attendees but gives optimal results. Utilising artificial intelligence matchmaking in your virtual events helps attendees to meet people that help them to achieve their event goals.

AI-Powered Matchmaking: Offered by Dreamcast’s Virtual Event Platform

Dreamcast, a top leading virtual event platform offers a range of comprehensive features to make any virtual hybrid event successful. An extensive feature of AI matchmaking offered by Dreamcast enables attendees to have 1:1 or group discussions with prospective people at an event suiting their profile or interest areas. Artificial intelligence in virtual events helps in engaging attendees while enabling them to network seamlessly. However, it results in generating more qualified leads and boosting business revenues.

As soon as your attendees provide information, Our feature of AI matchmaking finds the best possible potential matches instantly. Find the most relevant people at the event instead of struggling for hours to find the right people to have interactions with!