If you’ve ever organized an awards program or a competition, you must know how daunting it could be. The good news is that the right awards management solution makes the whole process a breeze. We at Eventpreneur trust Evalato, an all-in-one awards system that we believe is the best out there. Read on to learn what it can do for you.

What is Evalato?

Evalato is next-gen awards management software that helps you organize your awards program processes from start to finish. In a nutshell, it helps you collect applications, empower judging and pick the worthiest winners. It equips you with all the tools to save you time, streamline your workflow and help you grow.

You can use it to set up and manage any kind of program that requires an application and evaluation stage such as:

  • Awards
  • Nominations
  • Contests
  • Abstracts
  • Power lists & Indexes
  • Grants
  • Fellowships & Scholarships
  • CSR programs

In addition to helping organizations successfully run programs, Evalato is designed to provide a straightforward and easy experience for applicants and judges alike, ensuring all parties involved in the program are happy.

Why use it?

These are just a few examples of what Evalato can do for you:

  • 40 hours saved per month
  • 58% more entries for your program
  • 99% satisfaction rate by applicants
  • 3x faster judging

How it works

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned awards manager or looking to launch your very first program, Evalato has you covered. From setting up your awards program to celebrating the winners, here’s how the software makes it work in five simple steps:

  1. You set up your program, complete with categories for applicants and customized registration and application forms.
  2. Each registered entrant gets access to a dedicated applicant portal to work on their applications and submit them for consideration.
  3. You review and shortlist the applications for the next phases of your program, approve, or reject them, or request resubmission.
  4. The shortlisted applications proceed to the next round — you can invite judges who get a dedicated portal to evaluate entries or set up public voting where people use their social profiles to have their say. 
  5. You can announce winners with the help of tags and a webpage to showcase results.

You remain in control every step of the way monitoring all program data, sales analytics, submissions, judging progress, and payments, with the option to export data on demand.

How Evalato gets the job done

Easy application process

  • Fully-customizable registration and submission process – you get to decide when people can register, submit, edit, resubmit or withdraw their applications. You can set up manual or automatic approval.
  • Fast Apply applicant portal – your applicants enjoy a full-feature submission portal, where they can create, edit, save, resume, and submit their work.
  • Enhanced category and group structure – you can allow single or multiple applications per registration. Set up as many categories as you need and sort them into groups and subgroups to make it easier to keep track of large-scale awards programs.
  • Assignable, sleek, customizable application forms – tailor your program’s application forms according to your exact specifications, with required and hidden fields, questions, etc.

Evaluation tools that keep judges happy

  • One-click entry approval and shortlisting – approve and shortlist program entries en masse with a single click, or just as easily manage on a more granular level.
  • Multiple evaluation rounds – create even the most complex evaluation phase, with multiple judging rounds with horizontal and/or vertical structure.
  • Advanced judge assignment – robust jury member assignment to program categories and/or evaluation rounds offers total control over the judging process.
  • Full-feature judging portal – program judges can vote, abstain, and leave comments from any personal or mobile device.

 Effortless unveiling of results and winners

  • Real-time results and judging progress –  get the full picture during the evaluation phase, following the judging progress and monitoring the results in real-time.
  • Tags for labeling winners  – you can use tags to shortlist applications or to recognize winners from each category. This alone will save you tons of time.
  • Webpage to announce results – you can announce results and showcase the winners on your public page, motivating people to participate in your next awards program. 


Here are the features that make Evalato stand out from the crowd:

40+ languages – you can choose one of Evalato’s multiple language options for your program.

Fully customizable billing and payments –accept payments via 30+ cards, wallets, and various payment methods in 160+ currencies as you monetize your  awards program.

Data protection and security – Evalato is fully compliant with GDPR and other applicable data protection regulations. It uses high-end security features like TLS 256-bit encryption, SOC 2 Type II reporting, backups on an internal non-publicly visible network on NAS/SAN servers, etc.

Branding features – strengthen brand recognition among your audience by using a custom logo, style, font and colors for your program.

Unlimited users, judges, storage, forms, and more – invite people as program admins to help you get the job done, have as many program judges as you need for every evaluation phase and create custom application forms to collect the right information to make your program a success.

Multi-device experience – applicants and judges can experience every element of your program from any device.

Five-star customer support – should you run into any trouble or just have questions on how to improve your awards program, Evalato’s awesome customer support team will be there to help you with a quick demo, answer your questions, or share their expertise.


Evalato is up there with the best awards management solutions on the market, courtesy of its rich set of features that lets you handle any program with ease, regardless of its type or complexity. Its intuitive interface and modern look meanwhile make it a pleasure to work with for awards managers, judges, and applicants. Add to that competitive pricing and the fact it’s being actively developed based on the most current industry needs and user feedback, and you get a real winner.

Find out more about Evalato, test the platform for free, or book a demo at evalato.com.