The event industry is one of the most stressful jobs. Long hours, tough competition, demanding clients, tight deadlines – all this leads to stressed out employees. How many times have we heard about event professionals having heart strokes and other stress related diseases?

Vacations are the most obvious way of inducing an extra dose of happiness!

Many studies support the simple belief that happy employees equal more productive employees – so it’s definitely safe to assume that happiness is the key to sustainable performance in the events industry.

Most agencies plan programs for employee happiness – many of them centered around drinking copious amounts of alcohol together at a holiday destination. And it works too! But now it’s time to re-look Happiness as a year long continuous, sustained effort.

Key Pillars Of Happiness

Money is obviously a great source of happiness, but employees are now looking beyond financial incentives from their office.

Global Best Practices:

All around the world, companies are employing new ideas to ensure employee happiness. Here are a few:

  • Maternity/ Paternity Leaves – This is now a standard around the world.
  • PAWternity Leave – yes, it’s a thing! When an employee plans to bring home a pet, they need time off to help their new pet adjust.
  • Accommodation/ Shifting Leave – a new home requires time and work! Giving your team official days off for this is quite reasonable.
  • Power Nap Space – Eventeers tend to work late really often; a couple of beds are now a standard in almost every global agency (and many in India too).
  • Having an office dog/ cat – several offices around the world and in India are adopting office pets, as it’s proven that pets reduce stress and bring joy.
  • Mandatory Work From Home Days – this is especially a perk & definitely reduces stress levels. Each employee must work from home one day a week – cutting out travel and meetings actually helps most professionals perform better.
  • Counseling Days – Many companies are employing professional wellness and psychological counselors to have a chat with every team member to measure and report their ‘happiness quotient’. It’s expensive, but definitely worth knowing what your employee really thinks.

Buy A Readymade Happiness Program & Get Started!

At Eventpreneur, we have created an annual ‘Employee Happiness Strategy Calendar’ filled with ideas to increase your team’s Happiness Quotient. The deck includes over 50 ideas & activities to build & measure happiness, health and positivity within the team. If you would like to purchase the deck at a fee of 7,500/- + GST please CONTACT US.