We all know that Artificial Intelligence is the future. But how really do we integrate AI into our events? How creatively can we use AI to engage our guests? Here’s some inspiration!

Rag & Bones is a global fashion brand who has steered away from the conventional fashion show. This time, to launch their new Fall 2019 Collection at the New York Fashion week, the brand decided to throw a dinner party . . . with AI as the guest of honor.

The experience – named ‘THE LAST SUPPER’ – combines man and machine’s point of view at an intimate setting – a dinner party. An Artificial Intelligence machine created by technologist Ross Goodwin was invited as ‘a special guest’.

A bespoke dinner menu was served and choreographed dance routines took place; but the highlight of the experience was the AI experiential showcase of the new collection.

The AI system captured point cloud data of the attendees using computer vision and a depth camera. Throughout the evening, it learned and analyzed the different images and actions of the guests, and used the data to generate unique visuals seen in the video above.

The ‘AI Guest’ also captured actual guest conversation and patched it on screen to reflect the mood of the room.

AI is still in a nascent stage but the possibilities are endless! We’ll keep bringing you more such inspiration as it happens from around the world!