Ink In Caps, an Indian Experience Tech-Design Startup, collaborated with Disney Star Sports and Hotstar to create their exclusive Metaverse platform, Disneystarverse. Disney Star Sports is inarguably the Pioneer of creating an ambitious vision for sports in India by building a multi-sports culture. They wanted to elevate the game by revolutionizing how sports are watched by carving their own niche in the Metaverse. This foresighted vision involved profound Research & Development as they were looking at replicating the entire real-world scenario into a humanized virtual setup.

They partnered with Hotstar and Ink In Caps to create Disneystarverse, a Web-based End-to-End Platform having a mobile-first approach that is supported on both iOS and Android.
The idea was to show what goes behind the scenes to deliver the content that users get to see on their television screens. The initiative involved creating a virtual environment for three Star Sports studios, a PCR room, and the Wankhede Stadium during the Indian Premier League.

Co-Founder and Strategy Director of Ink In Caps, Ms. Snigdha Singh said, “I was truly mesmerized to see how the entire Disney Star Sports Headquarters functions in the terms of parallel real-time commentary, broadcasting, graphic integration, PCR room and of course the high end tech-heavy studios integrated with real-time production capabilities.”

Significant emphasis was donned on carefully crafting the user journey to provide an explicit real-life experience keeping in mind the inquisitive nature of the fans. They had umpteen things to discover and experience right from creating their dream team to playing interactive games & quizzes to checking the performance stats of their favorite players and capturing moments in the photo booths.

To glitz up the entire show, avatars of Ravi Shastri, Mayanti Langer, and Irfan Pathan were created and Live chat shows were hosted by these avatars within Metaverse. The avatars came to life with a predetermined set of triggers and animations which were controlled from backend consoles and closely resembled their actions and expressions from real-life. To bring the fans closer to the Cricket experts and Leading Cricketers, a Q&A session was organized between them.

“IIC is thrilled with this partnership,” said Mr. Manish Kakkar, the Founder and Technical Director of Ink In Caps. “Creating new experiences and pushing our boundaries in terms of technology limits comprise the core values of IIC and it feels really special that Brands like Star Sports and Disney+Hotstar put their commitment, blind trust, and support on us for handling a project on this scale.”

Disney Star Sports along with Hotstar proved to be visionary about the potential of Metaverse and laid strong foundations for opening the future scope of how sports will be consumed not just in India, but across the World.
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