Interactive Valentines Day Sign In Canada

Valentines Day Billboard In Canada

Valentine’s day is ‘the day to say it’. So a local jewelry brand in Canada gave people the chance to say “I love you” in a very big way: with valentines messages displayed on the biggest digital billboard in Canada.

Emotion Triggered Displays

In a bid to combat commuter stress, media owner Clear Channel Sweden developed a campaign whose images change in real time based on the emotions of passers-by, using publicly available data.

It relies on a bespoke algorithm that analyzes data within Google searches, social media, news articles and travel traffic information to interpret if people are likely to be feeling sad, anxious, tired, stressed, irritated or afraid. In response, the billboards will show one of six original artworks created specifically to counteract negative emotions. Six artists were assigned to express a particular positive feeling, including happy, peaceful, energized, calm, loving and safe. Each one is the counterpart to a negative emotion.

The Air Purifying Billboard

Engineering University UTEC in Peru was building a new campus & were aware that construction will cause pollution and affect the workers & residents of the area. So they created this giant ‘Air Purifying Billboard’ that converted polluted air into clean breathable air that benefited anyone in a 5 block radius. Genius!!

Vampire Posters That Burn When The Sun Rises

Fox’s vampire series — ‘The Passage,’ was being promoted in the streets of São Paulo with vampire posters “that burst into flames under sunlight.”
Numerous transparent boxes were deployed in the city, each containing a vampire poster. In the night time, the street billboards behave normally, however, once sunlight makes contact with the paper, the contents of the box slowly begin to burn. This effect has been reached through coating the visuals in a mixture of potassium permagnate, sulfuric acid and “a special paint.” The dramatic effect effortlessly ties into the undead’s deficiency when it comes to sunlight!

This Poster Feeds Fresh Fish To Seagulls!

In order to promote the quality of the fresh seafood it serves, Barracuda Restaurant launched an unconventional outdoor poster. At a glance, the ‘Fresh Fish Poster’ seems to only depict an image of a fish, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Over time, the contents of the billboard were eaten away, since it was entirely crafted with glue, ink and paper made from real fresh fish that could be safely consumed by seagulls at the beach. Cleverly, this shows how eager these seagull connoisseurs are to eat what’s freshly caught and served at the Restaurant!