Article contributed by DREAMCAST GLOBAL.

With the change in the dynamics, we stepped into the digital world faster than we realise. A year or two back discussions on a complete digital transformation of events seems to be a futuristic idea. With the advent of a global pandemic, organisations are pushed to leverage virtual event solutions to spread the message and foster meaningful connections remotely. The emergence of the digital era evolved faster than anyone has ever imagined. Here, Dreamcast virtual event platform came as a solution for each industry to adapt to the changing trends and take them virtual. 

With the upheaval of events, virtual performances and events have become a part of our daily life. The digital innovations by tech enthusiasts saved many organisations from the wrath of the global pandemic. The uncertain scenarios resulted in cancellations of physical events around the globe leaving organisations in flux. Virtual events came as the best alternative to let the organisations keep sailing smoothly during the challenging times of pandemic.

As time has flipped, Virtual event solutions and DIY live streaming has become the first priority of organisers. It offers endless possibilities to keep the excitement level up the same as live physical events and generate ample business revenues in lesser expenditure.

As technology has advanced phenomenally, the possibilities for outreaching a wide spectrum of the audience have become endless. Today, even Congress has a Livestream channel on YouTube to attract remote attendees at a single place.

What is DIY Live Streaming?

DIY live streaming stands for (Do It Yourself). It enables you to live stream your event or speech all by yourself or by inviting speakers effortlessly. DIY live streaming eliminates the need for any external 3rd party platform or support from the backend team.

How did DIY Live Streaming gain immense popularity?

Virtual events have made their place in the event industry overtime. Long before the pandemic, many large scale organisations were hosting virtual events to connect with remote workforce and global delegates. However, the percentage of virtual events and DIY live streaming skyrocketed in the year 2020. The mass cancellation of live physical events worldwide resulted in uplifting the percentage of ongoing digital events and DIY streaming.

Today, hosting digital events has become an integral part of every industry. The emergence of the global health crisis resulted in making DIY live streaming extremely popular. Nowadays, DIY Live Streaming is the frontier for brands to spread their messages and stay connected with audiences effortlessly.

During the chaos of the pandemic, several artists and musical institutions have taken the show online to share some musical joy during these trying times. Not only the music industry, but various other industries also adapted DIY streaming to expand their reach. Amidst pandemic, DIY live streaming, virtual speeches, concerts, and performances have become immensely popular. It offers endless possibilities to upscale your event experiences and receives overwhelming responses effortlessly.

Today, there is a wide range of options available in the market that offers comprehensive virtual event solutions. Dreamcast, a leading virtual event platform offers the functionality of DIY Live streaming to conduct meetings, live discussions, and more. DIY live streaming offered by the platform enables the host to invite a maximum of 15 speakers in a private backstage. Whereas attendees present in the auditorium can partake in DIY streaming once you go LIVE. Now deliver unforgettable live content effortlessly without any third party involvement.