Turn a tree or a door or a car or even an airplane into a music instrument!

We recently stumbled upon this fascinating piece of hardware + software called ‘Mogees’ that gives you an entire world of new creative possibilities to integrate music engagement within events or brand activations. Simply – it allows you to turn anything (and we mean ANYTHING) into a music instrument!

Mogees comprises two elements: a sensor that resembles a stethoscope, and a smartphone app that works with the sensor to create music. The idea is that you place the sensor onto an everyday object, such as a car, a balloon, or a radiator, and then play that object. This could mean tapping, hitting, or even blowing onto it.
The sensor picks up the sounds and sends them to the app, which then analyzes the incoming sounds and converts them into music on the fly. The app features a free mode and a song mode, the former allowing you to improvise, the latter allowing you to play a pre-existing song using a random object. You can also associate different sounds with different objects, capture sounds for future use, and play along to a backing track.

Founder Bruno Zamborlin’s mission is to ‘introduce non-musicians to the technology and encourage everybody to begin making music and exploring their creativity right out of the box’.

Zamborlin says “You don’t have to have a musical instrument or controller or joystick or whatever, you just need a Mogees Play and a smartphone and you can play wherever you want using whatever you want: like a park bench, or a coffee cup, or even an airplane if you have one nearby”.

(The Mogees team once actually attached 6 Mogees Pros to an airplane to turn it into one giant music instrument.)

It’s available in India on Amazon, but to learn more and check out the videos you can visit the Mogees Pro page here – https://www.mogees.co.uk

Mogees is not new, in fact it’s already been out for a few years already – but it hasn’t been used for a brand activation or an event in India yet. Go on – be the first! You can thank us later!