12 years, 35 cities, 750+ Events & 28000 guests rejuvenated.

Almost everyone in the industry has at some point used the services of Power Spa, and we are extremely glad to have them on the Eventpreneur Network . Today we bring you their story of success, driven by partner, director MANISH DHANANI.

Tell us a little about yourself.

“Before taking charge of Power Spa I was employed with Four Fountains spa since 2009 where I honed up skills in business development & core operation too. On education part I graduated from Symbiosis, Pune. Simultaneously I also did a certificate course related to Entrepreneurship from SP Jain, Mumbai that’s when my stint for entrepreneurial journey started. Since August 2015 I have taken charge as director of Power Spa.”

What do you specialize in – your company’s core strengths and clients?

Power spa is end to end spa solutions company for weddings & events providing clothed seated spa therapies & services across major cities in India. When I say end to end means we care of everything from skilled spa therapist, to choice of spa therapies, spa consumables, spa oils, choice of spa décor (oriental theme/ wow white theme / luxury theme), complete event logistics. Our esteemed clients as host they don’t need to worry about anything they need just provide dedicated space and bang we ensure the spa setup is ready within 1 hour before start of event. Our clients range from Percept D Mark, Wizcraft, Clock Work Events, Seventy Event Management, Showbiz experiences, Red Events, Indian Wedding Planner and many more event and promotion agencies. We have setup brand activation activities in residential societies & corporate park for Barclays, HSBC, Mercedes, Nature Valley, Indian Premier League, Lakme Fashion Week , Mumbai Marathon etc. Our mobile spa services for Weddings are one of the most sought after and exclusive with presence in weddings of India’s top industrialists such as Ambanis, Ruias, Morakhias, Adanis, Reddys, Guptas, Munjals and many more.

“Our strength is in the fact that our spa is mobile, therapeutic and can be beneficial in many ways as we recreate the entire spa experience at your location. We customize our solutions as per your needs. We offer spa therapies that are seated, clothed, non-greasy. We provide skilled and trained therapists. Our services can be availed across all major cities in India. Specifically benefits of mobile spa are providing quick relaxation along with boosts of energy. It can be created at any venue and any event. It’s a “Luxurious & Engaging prop” for weddings and events. We can accommodate 250 – 300 guests easily. Pricing is reasonable compared to hotel / resort spas. And it can be customized as per requirement.”


Some of the services we provide are
FOOT REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE -This is a 10 to 15 minutes massage it is specially targeted at reflex points on your feet. This is especially useful to promote blood circulation, as well as relax, soothe and give relief to thoroughly weary or tired feet.
BACK MASSAGE –This is a 10 minutes massage it is performed while you are in a sitting position. This is an extremely popular service because many feel the stress of work and usually end up with tight and knotted muscles in the upper body.
NECK SHOULDER MASSAGE– Many people suffer tremendous work-stress in their daily life. People who are under stress show neck and shoulder stiffness as these are mostly effected body regions by mental stress. A relaxing massage to neck and shoulder reduces muscle stiffness and makes one feel relaxed.
Mobile Fish Spa – A 10 minutes Fish spa helps in removing dead skin cells & brings back glowing skin it also Improves blood circulation. Fish spa works as great enticing and relaxing prop for events.
We also have Pop up salon, Express blow dry, Quick Hair styling and Siders Make up.

“The best part of event industry I like is that there is no monotony. Every event is like a new assignment for us and also there is always some last minute improvisation be it on timings, venue, décor, and what not. This makes it challenging but exciting too.”


Future trends & plans: Looking at the current scenario soon the weddings & events will become more experiential than and ever. Our clients will be keen on wholesome experience than just a mere spa service. We currently offer our luxurious spa services for all the major events across India for corporate event, Live Events, Private parties, Festival Events, Weddings and many more.
Me time, is something we all need with the busy schedule we have on our hands, sometimes in between attending an event and our day to day lifestyle we usually do not get that needed time. Hence the concept of mobile spa is a futuristic service which many of us will opt for.
Spa at weddings will be one of the most opted service we foresee in future and we all know how relevant it is being pampered at the most important and joyful ceremony of one’s life.
We are working towards introducing exciting spa services in the events arena like express Thai massage, Vinotherapy foot massage, express manicures & pedicures.
Our focus surely is to expand a strategic presence at 20+ cities.

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