Donttakethisthewrongway is a New York-based design studio and its latest concept boasts public punching bags.

Debuted as part of the annual New York Design Week, the creative firm’s contribution effortlessly weaves itself into the dynamic of the city. The studio wanted to say ‘nobody knows NYC like we do’ – and they found the perfect way to do so!

The Big Apple has come to be known as a space that is constantly evolving and never asleep. As a result, one can imagine the common frustration individuals might experience in environments like these.

Public punching bags, attached to light poles, provides the opportunity for healthy stress relief on-the-go, while addressing the issue of tension in common, overcrowded spaces. Simple branding communicates ‘The Healthy Space For Frustrations’.

Personally, we think this is kinda cool – and definitely something we could do with here!