Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. They work similarly to a class of drugs called opioids. Exercise is proven to release endorphins in the body and make you feel pretty darn great!

Puma cashed in on this very real fact and has popped the the ‘Puma Endorphins Store in London to sample their new shoes.

Puma recently launched their ‘LQD Cell’ trainer shoes – the brand wanted to create an experience that makes exercise fun and joyful – something to look forward to, not avoid. So they devised The Endorphin Store currently hosted in London’s Shoreditch.

Here they engage TG with fun six-minute experiences in the trainers to boost mental and physical health. It has three treatment areas where guests can start their exercise immediately, provided with a pair of Puma LQD Cell shoes.

All 3 exercise zones have been co-created with experienced trainers:

Zone 1: Calm Zone: Aims to alleviate stress with an immersive light baton forest in the Calm Zone. A voice guides guests through breathing experiences and meditation, whilst being bathed in calming colors completed with ambient surround sound.

Zone 2: Focus Zone, focuses on restoring the inner balance and alleviating distraction. When the music begins, the user is guided to step to the CELL that lights up, bringing guests a fast-paced rhythmic exercise that makes them use their whole body.

Zone 3: Energy Zone, a HIIT exercise helps people understand how different music BPMs can help guide a training and shake off lethargy.

Jodie Sayer, team head performance marketing at Puma commented, “This event is about changing people’s perception of fitness; from a tedious chore to a mood enhancing and joyous experience. By the end of their visit, guests will understand the importance of getting moving and releasing endorphins for their mental and physical wellness.”