Event apps are increasingly becoming popular for their ease and offerings that help simplify event planning and communicate messages to attendees with a single click. We have a candid conversation with ROHAN NAHTA, founder of Eventostrings – a leading event & wedding planning app and tech platform about their journey, and how their technology platform can benefit event managers.

Meet The Team

Rohan, tell us a little bit about the journey – how did the idea come about?

Before starting Eventostrings, Vivek and me were into diamond processing (Surat and Mumbai). It was in 2015 when I was in Mumbai; the idea of such tech platform came in my mind. I used to be the unofficial event planner for all my family functions, and I always wondered if there is any tech system, which could help me deliver an amazing experience to guests attending and at the same time making my work easier and automated. When we dug deeper, we found that more than 80% of event professionals in India are either using excel sheets or paper work, with no or minimal use of technology. So for better understanding of how tech can be useful for event professionals, we started working with them. That’s where in August 2017, we started Eventostrings (Eventoviti Solutions LLP), and started working on the product. In 2018, June we launched our 1st beta product to market and then in October we released our final product with guest app and planning tools.

What does Eventostrings actually do and how can an event manager benefit from the platform?

Eventostrings – symbolizes connecting all strings of event, i.e., a one-step tech solution for events. Eventostrings itself is the only product in market, which delivers a complete 360 degree solution to event industry professionals. Key benefits to event planners include:

  • Onboard every member into 1 system making your event completely organized, Data privacy, and everything in your control, replaces old excels
  • Saves time, make lists organized, proper data modeling and complete reporting.
  • Sending SMS, WhatsApp, IVR calls, Mobile Notifications with quick delivery in a personalized way enhance guest experience for event, quick sorting and filtering guest list (eg.resending requests to non-rsvp Guests) and sent/delivery reporting.
  • Make your guest feel special about their arrival to event and your team ready for their arrivals and departures.
  • Onboard every team member makes activities more organized, with complete reporting to host, event managers and department managers, removes communication gaps
  • A collection of your memories is saved and can be viewed or downloaded anytime
  • Communication with guests, increase event engagement by images and videos sharing, creating polls and live voting options, updates and alerts, complaints and requests handling
  • A website portal for those who cannot/ or don’t want to download app can also be engaged in the event, link can be easily shared publicly.

Tell us about each service in detail

Our core Features and services are: Admin Panel, Guest App, Event Site & Team App. Each one is detailed below:

Planning tool (Admin panel)

  • Event Creation and detailing -Just less than half an hour, you can create your event, add complete details of it
  • Guest Management- Import guest list from excel sheet or add them to admin, sorting filtering, Custom scheduling, Multiple Groups
  • Invitation management – Send personalized invites to your guests via 5 channels, Schedule updates with Advance message trigger Scheduling
  • Guest RSVP Management – Collect complete arrival/stay/departure details of guests, -Collect IDs,
  • Manage pickups/ drops, -Live flight and train status feeds, RSVP from 3 places (Guest app, event site, Admin Panel)
  • Team Management – Different departments, roles and permissions, guest request and complaints handling
  • Task Management- Allocate task to other members or accept task from other members, ratings
  • Gallery & Multimedia Management- Complete images and videos from guest app can be managed from admin side
    Demo: https://eventostrings.com

Guest app

  • Easy mobile number and OTP login,
  • Complete event details, key person details, stories/ agendas, Event start timer, schedules with venue Google map location, Key team members’ details and communication option,
  • Social wall for images/videos/ post/ polls/likes/comments / shares, Guest lists and groups, Chat with other guests, Memories with different albums,
  • Guest travel details with multiple rsvp management,
  • Privacy settings,
  • Documents Section,
  • Request another guests invitation
  • Location based and QR code based check-in system
    Android: http://estrings.tk/android-guest
    IOS: http://estrings.tk/ios-guest

Event Site

Team App- A quick tool for Event management team

  • Team management
  • Task Management
  • Guest and Travel Management
  • Quick notifications to guests
  • Multi-event management
  • Role based options

In Addition:

  • Digital Invites creation – With awesome designing works, we also have beautiful ways to deliver this to guests, such as lookbook invite, Personalized Name Invite.
  • The Whole system has been planned and designed so simply that anyone can create an account to our site and can plan an event with EventoStrings. And our team is available for support always.
  • Demo: http://eventostrings.com/lookbook/sample/

What is the pricing strategy?

We offer simple 3 packages,

  • Event Basic – Rs. 4,999
  • Event Plus – Rs. 11,999
  • Event Premium – Rs. 29,999
  • This pricing has been planned with reference to need of features in various types of events. More details about plans inclusions are available at http://eventostrings.com/pricing

Online demo possible? What is the process?

Yes, the process is very simple. Kindly visit www.eventostrings.com and signup. At Dashboard, there will be option to create events, where a trial version is already added. If you face any difficulty or need any assistance, you can contact us at chat or can mail us at rohan@eventostrings.com