Dreamcast was thrilled to partner with GSK and host an extravagant virtual annual managers meeting on our platform. This exuberant project was channelized in our direction via PMG Asia and we gladly rose to the occasion delivering a very successful virtual event.

We efficiently managed to tackle all of their requirements and were able to curate a breathtaking annual managers meeting. The event platform was integrated with convenient data storage facilities, professional & glamorous branding, very exciting engagement zones, huge social media outreach, and the list goes on.

Dreamcast elevated the virtual event with the amalgamation of perfect key elements that catered to every prerequisite of GSK. The event highlights consisted of an intriguing dynamic lobby along with clickable banners. This segment boosted the ambience & the overall look & feel of the event. Virtual attendees saw engagement elements like gamification that supported games like football & puzzles along with leaderboard, clap, like, love, polls & live chat options within the auditoriums to ensure maximum audience engagement for a period of 8-10 hours. To promote positive online visibility and social engagement, Dreamcast integrated a specialized AR photo booth that empowered the virtual attendees with a feature of changing backgrounds accompanied by a signature wall. The signature wall enabled attendees to leave memorabilia from the event in the form of comments on a single screen!

To facilitate networking and connecting we provided the networking table for the board members to connect, discuss & network effectively in a dedicated virtual space. The table enabled all participants to replicate a life-like meeting with up to 10 chairs per table and also had the functionality of audio video chat. Participants also observed Document Downloader which empowered them to store vital information at their convenience. Lastly, features like teleportation, icons as well as touchpoints empowered the virtual attendees to encounter a seamless virtual experience with Dreamcast.

The perfect fusion of all the above-mentioned elements facilitated GSK to host a memorable virtual annual managers meeting that yielded significant results. Unquestionably, this virtual event lured in ample amounts of positive feedback from the audience. Each and every aspect of the virtual platform was locked with the utmost attention. The Client’s objectives of proliferated attendance, as well as engagement, were achieved effortlessly with the exuberant virtual environment offered by Dreamcast.

Dreamcast is one of the most prominent virtual as well as hybrid event platforms that have gained extensive admiration from individuals around the globe. Our methodology mainly focuses on curating immersive experiences as well as interactive solutions for Virtual Events, Hybrid Events & Webinars. The platforms help individuals to reach a global market and showcase their products as well as services in a top-notch interface. Dreamcast ensures to escalate your virtual ambience with the facilitation of our special features along with tools and equipment that have been combined after thorough research and experience of over 10+ years.  We believe in providing an entirely customisable environment that targets the required audience in a seamless yet effective manner. We proudly state that we have worked with brands across various industries to deliver a comprehensive as well as holistic virtual and hybrid platform

Summarizing the above-mentioned pointers, we gladly state that we seamlessly delivered a virtual annual manager meeting for GSK powered by PMG. Dreamcast delivered exceptionally by offering a customisable and cost-effective environment that was loaded with insightful features. 

Overall, this virtual event was an achievement and our specialised solutions exceed our clients expectation. We are pleased to have held this virtual annual managers meeting on our platform and to have empowered our clients to go virtual!