In one of the World’s fastest NFT sales, Sunburn sells 6 NFTs on the WazirX NFT marketplace

~ Sets a new record in the NFT music space ~

~ 2 out of 10 NFTs sold in less than 20 seconds ~

23rd July 2021– Setting a new record in the NFT music space, Sunburn sold 6 NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) on India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange – WazirX witnessing one of the fastest ever sales on its NFT marketplace. Featuring select artwork, the sale saw Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival- Sunburn bid 10 exclusive Non fungible tokens, of which 2 NFTs were sold in less than 20 seconds and 4 NFTs in less than 1 minute.

Bringing the music community together with Sunburn’s memorabilia, the WazirX NFT Marketplace sold some remarkable photos and gifs of concerts/stage such as the glorious fireworks at the magnificent Main Stage – Circo Magnifico, for 100 WRX (94.39USD). The SunCanvas- an abstract art of the Sunburn emblem imagined as a colourful painting on a canvas was sold for a whooping 500 WRX (469.50 USD).

Commenting on the occasion of Sunburn celebrating its success on their first-ever NFT drop, Karan Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Percept Live, says, “The ongoing pandemic led to a standstill in the live music industry. But with the introduction of NFT Marketplace in India, we have been offered a channel to sell digital artwork of all kinds and to maintain an engagement with our fans. We are thrilled to announce that Sunburn in association with WazirX NFT Marketplace has sold 6 artworks which include both images and gifs. Our first sale was made in 17 seconds which is a groundbreaking record. WazirX NFT marketplace made the entire process seamless and successful in our first ever NFT drop.”

Vishakha Singh, VP, WazirX NFT marketplace said, “NFTs have taken the world by storm and will soon become the next big thing in the world of art, music and culture. As everybody is jumping on the bandwagon, the NFT community is growing rapidly. By collaborating with Asia’s biggest music festival, we are getting one step closer in providing the artists as well as the audience with a unique experience. Today’s sale is a testament to the growing NFT community and we are glad our platform could help reach music enthusiasts with Sunburn’s memorabilia.” 

In the music world – NFTs offer hope of a valuable new revenue stream as it not only empowers creators and artists but also provides them with a platform to feature their exclusive artworks and connect with the music community across the globe. Since the pandemic, NFTs have become a great medium for artists to monetize their work.

About the WazirX NFT Marketplace:

India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange WazirX launched an NFT marketplace that will feature exclusive artwork by popular photographers, artists, and mixed media professionals from India and other South Asian nations. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a unique digital representation of an art form living on a blockchain. WazirX will use its parent company Binance’s blockchain technology.

The two have been working together for the past six years. Their earlier start-ups ‘ ‘ Iconic Bot’ and ‘4Five App’ – focused on the fan engagement space and community building SAAS tools. Currently, the two are spearheading South Asia’s first NFT Marketplace. The WazirX NFT Marketplace launched on 1st June. (

About Sunburn

Sunburn, a Percept Intellectual Property, is Asia’s Premiere Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Festival and is ranked amongst the world’s biggest music festivals. Started in 2007 as a 3-day music festival in Goa, Sunburn has grown to become an aspirational lifestyle brand boasting an eclectic mix of music, entertainment, experiences and celebration that has seeded music tourism in India. Over the past decade Sunburn has brought together renowned International and Indian artists to entertain hundreds of thousands of dance music lovers across the country and overseas and positioned India as a prime dance festival destination to the world.

Sunburn is a Percept Intellectual Property. With a team of over 200 people and 28 offices across India and the Middle East, Percept is at an enviable leadership position in the Entertainment, Media and Communications domain.

About Percept Live

Percept Live, established in the year 2012, is the live entertainment division of Percept Limited. It owns and manages all the Intellectual Properties created in the Live Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, Digital and Media space. Percept has been in the ‘Ideas’ business for the past 35 years and has been instrumental in creating many legendary ‘Intellectual Properties’ in the past for its clients. The creation of a dedicated ‘Intellectual Properties’ business was but a further extension to Percept’s existing knowledge and expertise in the Entertainment, Media and Communications domain with a vision to convert path breaking innovative ideas into Assets in order to create long term value for all its Stakeholders.

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