Busch Beer hosted a secret pop up shop “hidden deep” somewhere in the US. They challenged their fans to find where this is taking place. The pop-up took place on July 20 from 10am to 5pm local time, wherever that might be. To aid the hunt, starting on July 16, the company started dropping hints about its location on its Twitter feed

For all those who found the secret bar, there was free swag and, of course, free beer! (Along with the beauty of a national forest.) Additionally, everyone who showed up at the hidden shop was entered into a raffle that could win them free Busch for life, passes to national parks, a cabin getaway for four, and other prizes. 

The pop-up was put together through the company’s partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF). That partnership began in 2018 with a goal of conserving almost 200 million acres of forest. For this event, the beer brand promises to plant 100 trees in a national forest for every visitor who made it to the shop. So that’s passion + purpose!! Win Win Situation!