Fast food brand DEL TACO introduced a Mini Churro Dipper Shake nationwide across 580 outlets. Essentially it’s a vanilla milkshake with chocolate sauce and served with a churro stick.

To create a buzz around this new dessert shake, the brand has launched a limited offering of “Craveable Sweets & Scents” aromatherapy set, crafted with essential oils, in Vanilla, Chocolate and Churro scents. Cleverly, Del Taco introduced their new flavors by toying with the idea of the ‘scent’ of the flavors rather than the ‘taste’ of the new dessert shake itself. The aroma essential oils are being promoted heavily across digital – and push TG to the brand’s webstore to make a purchase. (interestingly – the set of the 3 oils costs the same as buying one ‘Mini Churro Dipper Shake’).

The aromatherapy oils set sold out in just 4 days!

Now let’s break this down a bit – what are our 3 core takeaways from this idea?

  1. Think different – every activation need not necessarily make the product a hero.
  2. Take one core highlight of the product and expand on it laterally (in this case ‘scent of flavors’).
  3. If you decide to go with a surrogate product to promote the main product, don’t need to offer it free – adding a cost actually makes it more aspirational and makes it a ‘must-have’.

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